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Wheelchair Basketball

     After the Second World War returning paralyzed veterans needed a physical outlet and found it in the competitive world of basketball. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) was formed in 1949. The association has since grown to 27 conferences and 165 teams. To view the NWBA website please visit

Basketball sports wheelchairs are made with three and four wheels. Equipment accessories include:

- foam grips for push handles
- brakes - scissor brakes, push to lock brakes, brakes with hill climbers
- castor wheels
- skirt guards for folding wheelchairs
- underchair bag, made either for fixed frame or folding frame
- impact guards and castor covers
- tri spoke wheels & five spoke wheels

Different wheelchairs include:

- lightweight folding wheelchair - Footplates can be made at varies
angles and can be one piece drop in or swing away flip up
- lightweight fixed frame wheelchairs - great for athletic individuals
- Shock absorber fitted to back of frame, absorbs the bumps from rough terrain. Ideal for those users who like the outdoors

     The rules of wheelchair basketball is played in accordance with NCAA rules with few exceptions for the wheelchair. All measurements such as the height of the basket, the size of the floor, and the three-point line are all the same as college basketball.
A few of the main rules include:

* The height of the seat may not exceed 21 inches off the floor.
* Players are classified according to injury and resulting mobility. Players are classified as Class I, II, or III and teams are allowed no more than 12 classification points on the floor at one time.
* The player may push on the wheels of the wheelchair no more than twice, before dribbling, passing or shooting the ball.
* A player may remain for no more than four (4) seconds in the opponent's restricted area .
* Players must stay firmly seated in their chairs at all times.