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New Basketball Equipment

    The cost of new basketball equipment varies according to the brand you buy. Professional endorsement is also a factor in pricing, as product endorsement has almost become its own separate business.

     Basketball shoes start at around $60 for a pair that provides decent ankle and sole support. From there the price can increase with the incorporation of certain special features including design, brand name, light weight, increased cushioning/support, and athlete endorsement. Basketball jerseys are also pretty expensive. Many buy them as collectors' items. Customization is also a factor in pricing. For example, a regular team jersey with a mascot will cost less than the same jersey with a specific player's name or number.

     The price of a basketball depends on the material from which it is made. Leather balls are the most expensive, costing around $80 on average. Composite balls are more reasonably priced, at $20 - $25. Rubber balls are the least expensive, ranging from $10 to $15.

     Backboard systems are the most expensive piece of basketball equipment you will buy. No matter whether you buy a portable, combination, or in-ground system, they start at $200, and can go past $1,000. So if you do choose to invest in a backboard system, don't spend too much time trying to find a lower price. It is better to put down the money for a trusted brand-name system. It will cost you, but you have the assurance that your system will last.