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Baskets & Backboards

     The basket comes with an 18 inch metal rim, and a 15-18 inch-long, nylon net. The basket is mounted to a backboard at a regulation height of 10 ft, although this can be adjusted for recreational and informal play.

     A backboard is a rectangle measuring 3.5 ft. by 6 ft. It can be made of shatter-proof acrylic, graphite, or polyethylene. Backboards come in three forms:

1. Portable: A backboard, rim, and pole with a hollow plastic base. The base is filled with water to weigh it down.

2. Combination Kits: A backboard and rim built to attach to a roof or wall with an extension bracket.

3. In-Ground: A back board, rim, and pole cemented into the ground. However, if you want a bit of portability for your pole, you can use a ground sleeve. Cement the sleeve into the ground, then place the pole into the sleeve, and lock it into place with a bolt. To remove, simply undo the bolt and slide the pole out of the sleeve.