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Basketball Apparel

     Unless you play organized or professional basketball, there are no real limits as to what you can wear. Loose, comfortable clothing and a good pair of athletic shoes will usually suffice. Team players, on the other hand, have a uniform. A uniform consists of matching shorts and jersey. There are two types of jerseys a team wears:

1. Home Jersey: The home team usually wears a light-coloured jersey with their team mascot on it.
2. Visitors Jersey: The visiting team wears a darker-coloured jersey with the name of their city or college written on it.

     It is not essential to wear a jersey, but many basketball fans spend a fair bit of money on
jerseys with their favourite team's logo on them, especially if they have a particular player's name or number on them as well.

     Shoes are an important part of a basketball player's outfit. For recreational or street games, any athletic shoes will do. However, for those willing to make the investment, basketball shoes are a bit more expensive, but not entirely without reason. Due to the high level of jumping and lateral movement during play, your ankles will suffer unless properly supported. Basketball shoes are mostly high-top athletic shoes. The high tops provide added ankle support. The shoes are lightweight, and often have air-cushioned soles, designed to take pressure off your knees. Many shoes even come with a mini pump so you can decide on the amount of air in your soles. Many NBA players sign multi-million endorsement deals with shoe manufacturers to endorse a particular make. The good news is that this is excellent publicity for the manufacturers, as well as the public, as it increases the variety and choice of shoes available. The bad news is that it causes the cost of the shoes to skyrocket, and some brands sell their shoes for extremely exorbitant prices.